Gauteng Gymnastics Constitution – Revised 2010

Gauteng Gymnastics Constitution – Revised 2010




2.1          Name. 4

2.2          Jurisdiction.. 4

2.3          Objectives & Mission.. 4

  2. POWERS. 4

5.1          Classes of Membership. 5

5.2          Admission to Membership. 4

5.3          gga Registration Fees. 6

5.4          Rights of Members. 6

5.5          Discipline disputes and appeals. 5


6.1          General REGARDING ASSEMBLIES. 7

6.1.1       Date and Time. 7

6.1.2       Notice of Meeting. 7

6.1.3       Composition. 8

6.1.4       Presiding. 6

6.1.5       Quorum.. 8

6.1.6       Proceedings. 8

          6.1.7        Majorities. 8

6.2          General assembly.. 7

6.3          The biennial general assembly.. 9

6.3.1       Nomination of Candidates for the Executive. 9

6.3.2       Representation and Voting Powers at all Meetings. 10

6.4          Special general assembly.. 10

6.4.1       Convening a special general assembly: Error! Bookmark not defined.

6.4.2       Failure of chairperson to convene special general assembly. 10

6.4.3       Proceedings at special general assemblies. 11


7.1          Composition of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.. 11

7.2          SECRETARY.. 12


8.1          Financial Year. 12

8.2          Administration of accounts and audit. 12

  2. GENERAL.. 11

10.1        Alterations to the Constitution.. 11

10.2        Dissolution and Winding up. 13





Gauteng Gymnastics Constitution – Revised 2010





The following short terms shall be used and interpreted in the spirit of the following meanings unless specifically defined elsewhere:


AGA Annual General Assembly
BGA Biennial General Assembly
SGA Special General Assembly
GGA Gauteng Gymnastics Association
Executive Committee 4  District Regional Chairpersons and 4 elected members
FIG Federation Internationale de Gymnastique
UAG Union Africane de Gymnastique
Federation   SAGF The South African Gymnastic Federation
Regional   District affiliates Properly constituted regional  district bodies representing their ordinary members
Majority More than 50 percent of those persons eligible, voting of the one accord
Special Majority 75  2/3 66% percent of those persons eligible, voting of the one accord ( two thirds majority of members present and eligible to vote )
Wording Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa




2.1       Name


The name of the association shall be the Gauteng Gymnastics Association.  [GGA]


2.2       Jurisdiction


The GGA shall be affiliated to SAGF and claims jurisdiction in conjunction with the SAGF throughout Gauteng over all gymnastic activities that fall within the FIG and UAG. It also claims jurisdiction over such other activities as are deemed appropriate.

2.3       Objectives & Mission


2.3.1    The GGA will develop, consult and implement vision, mission and goal statements for the GGA’s future direction by promoting and developing quality activities for everybody to participate in gymnastic sport programmes in Gauteng.

2.3.2    The GGA is committed to promoting, encouraging and extending gymnastics in Gauteng to all persons.




Organs of the GGA:


The organs of the GGA shall be as follows:


3.1       The general assembly

3.2       The Executive Committee

3.3        District Committees

3.4       The Provincial  Regional Technical Committees.  All matters relating hereto are dealt with under the regulations and procedures relevant to the Gauteng Gymnastics Association constitution of the SAGF  Regulations and Procedures.


4.         POWERS


For the purpose of affecting its objectives, the GGA shall, as deemed necessary:


4.1       act alone or with approved representative bodies in the best interests of sport generally, and in particular, to its gymnastic sport programmes.

4.2       award approve provincial colours teams which represent Gauteng and represent Gauteng gymnastics at zonal and national competitions and conferences. Such teams will continue to participate in their district colours as determined in their respective constitutions, until such time as Gauteng Sports Confederation has approved Gauteng colours.

4.3       make rules, policies and regulations for the proper control of gymnastic programmes throughout Gauteng in relation to provincial matters.

4.4       keep proper records of all decisions taken and matters of importance pertaining to gymnastic programmes;

4.5       equitably enforce due observance of the GGA’s constitution, rules, policies and regulations;

4.6       appoint, hire, employ, remove, replace or reinstate appropriate honorary officials, paid administrators, or other persons to the GGA;

4.7       control and develop provincial programs, resources, publications and events consistent with the objectives;

4.8       ensure that any remuneration or payment to any person will not be excessive but regarded as generally considered reasonable in return of any services actually rendered to the GGA.

4.9       continue to exist notwithstanding changes in the composition of its members or office-bearers

4.10     be an association as a separate legal identity and existence distinct from its members or office-bearers.

4.11     impose and collect levies, subscriptions, fees and other authorised charges from affiliates.


5.         MEMBERSHIP


5.1              Classes of Membership


All members shall be registered members of the SAGF. There shall be the following classes of membership of the association all of which shall be bound by the constitution and rules and regulations in force at the time:


5.1.1    Ordinary members;

Are persons, clubs, schools or institutions duly registered with the GGA through the district regional affiliates in terms of SAGF rules and procedures

5.1.2    District Regional affiliates;

Are duly constituted district regional associations and who represent the ordinary members.

5.1.3    Honorary life members;

Are persons granted this title in recognition of their contribution to and promotion of the sport in Gauteng

5.1.5    Life members;

Are persons  who have been granted this title in Gauteng in recognition of their financial contributions.

5.1.6 Associate members

Structures which operate independently but with the same aims and objectives as GGA eg. schools and tertiary institution  associations

Clarification: Is this in lne with SAGF’s constitution- This matter is not finalised by SAGF. Will this not contradict SAGF constitution? The rights of the associate members need to be clarified ; eg. shall be entitled to one representative to attend meetings, allowed to contribute via discussions but will not have voting rights


5.1.7    Any other type of membership as accepted by the general assembly

5.2       Admission to Membership


Any district regional affiliate applying to join the GGA shall do so in writing to the association.  The affiliate will be required to forward


  • Its constitution
  • Details of its management
  • Annual audited financial statements
  • Any other documents required by the Executive.


The general assembly will accept or reject the application by special majority and the affiliate shall be notified in writing. Upon being accepted to membership the affiliate shall be bound by the provisions of this constitution which shall prevail in any conflict with its own constitution.


Provisional membership may be granted by the executive pending final acceptance by the general assembly.


A person who has contributed outstanding service to the federation may be elected as an honorary life member at any general assembly. Admission to honorary life membership must be carried by a special majority of a general assembly.


5.3       GGA Registration Fees


Registration fees payable by regions shall be prescribed by the executive annually.  GGA registration fees shall be due on the first of July each year. A member in default after 90 days shall be regarded as no longer in good standing and shall be excluded from participating in any event organised by the association.

Budget to be submitted at AGM.

[For the first year of the GGA, 2010/11, registration fee will be R1.00 per category A gymnast.]


5.4       Rights & obligations of Members Follow protocol


All members shall have access to membership privileges that the association may grant from time to time, and shall be entitled to the benefits of the provisions of this constitution and rules, policies or regulations.


Members may not sell their membership rights or any entitlements.? clarify


Members or office-bearers have no rights in the property or other assets of the association solely by virtue of their being members or office-bearers.


The members or office-bearers shall not be liable for any of the obligations and liabilities of the association solely by virtue of membership or as office-bearers of the association.


5.5       Discipline disputes and appeals


All members shall be bound by this constitution and  the Regulations and Procedures. of the SAGF. Any contravention thereof shall be dealt with by the association under its power specified in the rules and regulations.

Dispute objection handling regarding Gauteng resolutions and operations Suggestion: that a procedure be outlined as a clause.





6.1       General regarding assemblies

6.1.1    Date and Time


A general assembly shall be held every year for the members of the association. Every second year a biennial general assembly shall be held at which assembly the election of the executive shall take place.  The assemblies shall be held on such dates and at such venues as the executive may determine.


6.1.2    Notice of Meeting


The notice convening a general assembly [ and biennial general assembly ] stating the place, date and hour of the meetings must be sent by the chairperson to the district  regional affiliates and to such persons including the auditors, as are entitled to receive such notices from the association , at least 6 (six) weeks prior to the commencement of a General assembly.


Notice of the terms of any resolution to be proposed at a general assembly shall be

lodged with the secretary chairperson at least 4 (four) weeks before the date fixed for such meeting.  The secretary chairperson shall forthwith inform the executive thereof and send a copy of such notice to each affiliate and members of the executive at their registered address at least 2 weeks before the meeting.


6.1.3    Composition


The general Assembly shall be It is composed of the 8 executive members, one authorised delegate from each of the district  regional affiliates and the technical chairperson of the different disciplines functional in the province specific region.  Executive members may represent an affiliate but employees of GGA may not represent an affiliate. Where a Provincial discipline chair cannot attend can a deputy chair attend? May a proxy be given to another person? Can this be clarified?


Life members, honorary life members and technical committee members shall be entitled to attend the biennial, special and general assemblies of the association as observers only. It was found that some sporting codes allow honorary life members to have voting rights? Is there a minimum or maximum number?


6.1.4    Presiding


The president executive chairperson shall chair the general assembly.   In the event of this provision not being possible, a chairperson may be elected by the delegates assembled.


6.1.5    Quorum


No business shall be transacted at any general assembly unless a quorum is present when the assembly proceeds to business. A majority of the district regional affiliates, TC chairpersons and executive members entitled to vote and present or represented by their delegates or proxies shall be a quorum.


6.1.6    Proceedings


If, within half an hour from the time appointed for the holding of a             general assembly, a quorum is not present, the assembly, if convened on the requisition of members, shall be dissolved.  In any other case it shall stand adjourned, to the same day in the next week, at the same time and place, or at such other place as the chairperson shall appoint for its reconvening.  If at such reconvened meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for holding the meeting, the members present shall constitute a quorum.


The business at the general assembly shall follow a agenda as compiled by the  executive.


All propositions contained in the agenda must be put to the vote except that any proposition from an affiliate not present will be withdrawn unless another affiliate or the executive shall adopt it as its own and, subject to acceptance by a majority of the delegates present, submit it for consideration.


At all general assemblies a resolution put to the vote of the assembly shall be decided by a show of hands unless a ballot be requested and supported by a majority of  affiliates present in person or by proxy and entitled to vote.


In the case of an equality of votes, whether on a show of hands or on a ballot, the chairperson of the meeting shall be entitled to a deciding vote.


6.1.7        Majorities:


Dissolution of the association; expulsions and changes to the Constitution all require a special majority of entitled votes both present and by proxy and voting in accord. In all other cases a majority of entitled votes both present and by proxy and voting in accord is required.


6.2       General assembly


The general assembly is the highest authority of the association.  It assembles annually and shall have the powers to:-


6.2.1    Establish policies and actions to be followed in carrying out the aims and objectives of the association as set forth in this constitution and the “Regulations and Procedures Relevant to the Constitution of the GGA SAGF“.

6.2.2    Ratify or reject policies and/or actions of the executive made or taken during the preceding period.

6.2.3    Amend and/or repeal articles of this constitution.

6.2.4    Receive the annual report of the executive and approve the audited financial statements


6.3       The biennial general assembly


The biennial general assembly shall meet every second year and shall have the powers to elect the officers of the executive for the period until the next biennial general assembly.


6.3.1        Nomination of Candidates for the Executive


  • The 4 District Regional chairpersons will serve on the executive
  • Four [4]Five  (5 ) additional qualified persons, one of which shall be the schools structure representative, shall be nominated to serve on the executive.
  • Any 2 (two)  affiliates, may nominate any qualified person to serve as additional member on the executive.  Proposed this be deleted it is not clear what is meant by qualified
  • The name of each member so nominated, together with the names of his/her proposer and seconder and his/her consent to serve in the nominated position shall be sent on the form prescribed by the executive to the chairperson at least 4 (four) weeks before the biennial general assembly at which the serving additional members of the executive of the association are due to retire.

The chairperson shall notify all members forthwith of these nominations.

  • If more than 1 (one) candidate is nominated for any of the posts, or if the number of persons nominated exceeds the number of vacancies, ballots shall be held for these positions.
  • Should no nomination be received on the closing date, nominations may be called for from the floor during the meeting. Alternatively the Executive shall be mandated to co-opt member (s ) where such vacancies exist. Such co-opted member (s ) shall have full voting rights.

6.3.2    Representation and Voting Powers at all meetings


  • Each Executive members  has  have one [1] vote
  • Each District Regional representative have has  one [1] vote
  • Each Provincial TC have  has one [1] vote  –   [Voting only for those disciplines were you have active members] Recommendation: change wording. – does not make sense- the Gauteng committee can only have a representative from a discipline if that discipline is active in the province.
  • Each associate member shall have one ( 1 ) vote
  • District representatives shall have additional votes according to the number of registered Category A, B and C  members within the districts:
  • 1 basic vote

1        ( one ) additional vote per every completed 50 registrations up to 200 ( two hundred ) registrations, thereafter 1 ( one ) additional vote  for every completed 500 ( five hundred ) registrations up to 12 000 ( twelve thousand ) registrations, thereafter 1 ( one ) additional vote for every completed 1000 ( one thousand ).registrations.


6.4       Special general assembly



6.4.1 A special general assembly may be convened either as a result of a decision by the executive or of a requisition stating the purpose for the assembly or supported by at least two  district affiliates.  Such assembly shall take place no later than 60 (sixty) days following the date of the executive’s decision or the date following the requisition. The date for the assembly is to be decided on by the president chairperson who shall issue notice of the assembly including the purpose thereof not later than twenty eight (28) days prior to the start of the assembly.


6.4.2    Failure of  the president    chairperson to convene special general assembly


Should the president chairperson fail to call for a special general assembly in terms of 6.5.1 then the affiliates requesting the assembly may issue the notice of a special general assembly on behalf of the president chairperson. In doing so they shall observe the conditions of clause 6.5.1.  6.4.1


6.4.3    Proceedings at special general assemblies


At special general assemblies only the matter for which the meeting was called will be dealt with.


7.         EXECUTIVE


The management of the affairs of the association is vested in an executive who is responsible for the administration of the association as described in this constitution and the “Regulations and Procedures Relevant to the Constitution of the GGA SAGF“.  The Executive Committee shall have the right to amend the Rules and Regulations after due consultation with the affiliated members. Such amendments must be ratified at the next general assembly.


The quorum for executive meetings shall be a majority of voting members the President or Vice President and at least three other members of the Executive Committee


The president   chairperson will chair executive meetings. In his/her absence the vice president will assume the role. In their absence those present may appoint a chairman


Where there are an equal but divided number of votes on a matter by executive members the chairperson will have a casting vote.


Portfolios will be assigned to each of the executive members and will include the co-ordination of the provincial  regional Technical Committees.


The Executive Committee shall meet at least four (4 ) times per annum. The President shall have the right to call emergency meetings.


7.1       Composition of the Executive


The executive shall consist of the following persons.

4 District Regional chairpersons

5 Elected members including the schools representative elected by the school’s structure

[Maximum of three persons propose to change to one person otherwise one district can rule Gauteng- not possible from any one of the four active  districts regions]

They will elect a  president chairperson and vice  president chairperson at a meeting following the BGM  AGM

The president  chairperson shall implement the strategies, plans and policies approved by the executive  and shall comply with its directions, and subject thereto shall be responsible for the management and direction of the association and its finances.


All executive members shall have a vote – should an executive member vacate his position then that position may be filled by a person co-opted by the executive and that person shall have full voting rights.


The executive  may co-opt as ex-officio members, persons with specific expertise or for a specific purpose. A person co-opted in this manner by the executive shall have no voting rights.


7.2       Secretary


One of the members of the executive will be appointed as secretary.

The elected chairperson’s regional secretary may also be asked  appointed? to act as secretary

The Executive shall appoint a secretary in accordance with fair recruitment practices in alignment with legislation


8.1       Financial Year


The financial year of the association shall start on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day of March  December in each year.


8.2       Administration of accounts and audit.


The association shall have a bank account


Auditors shall be appointed annually and they shall have the right of access at all times to such information and meetings as they may deem necessary to fulfil their lawful duties as auditors of the association accounts.


The annual financial statements shall be approved by the executive and signed on its behalf by the chairperson and the secretary and one other member.


A copy of the annual financial statements for the preceding year together with the report of the executive shall be sent to each affiliate not later than 30 June each year.


Annual financial statements and/or any available audited financial statements shall be laid before the annual general and biennial general assemblies of the association for adoption.



The  president’s chairperson’s regional office shall function as the  HQ of the GGA during his term in office. The Executive will determine the location of the  HQ and office of GGA. The GGA will use an independent e-mail address. Is this possible?


10.       GENERAL


Copies of the Constitution are available on request at the offices of the GGA.


10.1     Alterations to the Constitution


This constitution may be added to, altered, or rescinded in whole or in part at any AGA or SGA of the association provided notice of motion is forwarded in writing to the association and to the affiliates twenty eight days prior to the date of the meeting, and that the motion is approved by a special majority.



10.2     Dissolution and Winding up


If the association is wound up, the surplus assets after payment of the association’s liabilities and the expenses of winding up shall be distributed, given or transferred to such other institutions societies, associations or clubs having objectives similar to the objectives of the association, and in such proportions and manner as the association by special majority may determine.





We, the undersigned, hereby certify that the above is the constitution of the Gauteng  Gymnastics Association.





SIGNED at _______________________________________ on this ________ day of


________________________ 2015



President Chairperson :           _________________________________



Vice president chairperson :  __________________________________


Gauteng Gymnastics Constitution – Revised 2010

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